Dusty & Lynda’s History

Hi, to you folks who are reading this, I want to tell you all a bit about us and how we came to where we are. Lynda and I have been on the country scene for quite a few years now. The first western group we joined was known as “The River Side Rebels”. We were involved in shootouts and western shows in aid of children’s charities and having fun on Saturday nights. Not long after joining up with this group, we became members of the committee. Our committee, along with others ran fund raising events and entered into carnivals, winning some more than once.

After some years the owner of the night club where we hold our “Western Nights”, wanted to change over to disco. This necessitated our need to find a different venue. We began performing as “The Phoenix Rebels”. Lynda, Fred (Trail Boss), Julie, and others operated this western venue on Saturday nights. We still did shows but now added a once a year country and western festival, which went down very well with all you country lovers out there. At about this time I got roped in to becoming a D.J. on Saturday nights and for festivals. Much fun was being had by all…

This became so successful and fun that we outgrew the facilities resulting in “The Fab Four”. Dusty, Fred, Lynda, and Julie set up a partnership and bought a bar/dance hall. After much hard work, sweat, and yes tears by us and “The Phoenix Rebels”, we resulted in a venue twice as large as it had been. You see, we are also good at building and remodeling, as we westerners are multi-talented you know.

After many performances and presentations, our Saloon “The Western Frontier” as it was known, was running smoothly. As it happened Lynda and I came to the U.S. on vacation. Upon entering Tombstone, we fell in love with the place so much. So, on coming home to England, we had to return a second time to see if we truly felt so strongly about it. Guess what? It was and we fell for this little place called “The Tombstone Bordello” and thought, this is a westerner’s dream come true. Thus our motto was born.

“Live The Western Dream”

We do and we know that all you folks out there would like to as well. So that’s the goal we have set ourselves. Trail Boss Fred and Julie now own and are running the club house in the U.K. and Lynda and I are out here in Tombstone, waiting to welcome you all to “Live the Western Dream” and see it all for real. We graciously look forward to looking after you all, so come on down…

Dusty & Lynda